History of Present Illness

A 20-yr-old white woman comes to the office because of a 1-wk history of a feeling she describes as “novocaine wearing off” extending from her waist to her toes on both sides of her body. She says this feeling has been worsening. She has no prior viral illness and has not received any recent vaccinations or experienced any recent injuries. She has no weakness in her arms or legs, but says she may be tripping more than usual; however, she has not fallen. She thinks her fingertips feel “funny” as well. She has no headache, face pain, face numbness, double vision, or other visual complaints. She does not have dysarthria, dysphasia, or difficulty swallowing. She says that when wiping her perineal region, it feels “funny.” She reported that 2 yr ago, she had an episode of left leg numbness that lasted 3 wk and that resolved by itself.