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Plantar Fibromatosis

By Kendrick Alan Whitney, DPM, Associate Professor, Department of Biomechanics, Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine

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Plantar fibromatosis is a benign proliferative neoplasia of the plantar fascia.

In plantar fibromatosis, nodules are displayed most easily when the foot is dorsiflexed against the leg. Most patients also have palmar nodules, usually located at the 4th metacarpophalangeal joint. Reported associations with diabetes, epilepsy, and alcoholism may be anecdotal.


  • If symptomatic, orthoses

Treatment of plantar fibromatosis is usually not indicated unless the nodules become large enough to cause pressure-related pain with weight bearing. If so, orthoses can help redistribute pressure away from the fibrotic nodular lesions. Surgery usually results in recurrence and sometimes painful scar tissue necessitating further surgery. Excessive fascial removal may also result in unintentional instability of the foot.