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Overview of Lung Tumors

By Anne S. Tsao, MD

Lung tumors can be noncancerous or cancerous (see Lung Cancer).

All lung tumors require medical evaluation because even noncancerous tumors can cause problems if they grow and block breathing.

The treatment of lung tumors depends on whether they are cancerous or noncancerous.

Noncancerous lung tumors

Noncancerous lung tumors can be divided into those that occur in the

  • Trachea or bronchial tubes: Hamartomas (most common noncancerous lung tumors), bronchial cystadenomas, which grow in the main or smaller bronchi, myoblastomas, and papillomas

  • Lung tissue: Fibromas, hamartomas, leiomyomas, lipomas, neurofibromas, schwannomas, and sclerosing hemangiomas

Some noncancerous tumors may need to be removed surgically to prevent the airway from becoming blocked.

* This is the Consumer Version. *