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Reviewers for Selected Chapters and Acknowledgments

By Manuals Staff,

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Reviewers for Selected Chapters

William E. Brant, MD

Arthur Coverdale, MD

Albert T. Derivan, MD

Robert A. Dobie, MD

Norton J. Greenberger, MD

John E. Greenlee, MD

Mary L. Hardy, MD

Jerome M. Hershman, MD

Randall Hughes, MD

Diane Kraft, MS, RD, LDN

Douglas Lanska, MD, MS, MSPH

Edwin M. Leidholdt, Jr., PhD

Michael C. Levin, MD

S. Gene McNeeley, MD

Colonel David F. Murchison, DDS, MMS

David S. Rootman, MD

Michael B. Steinberg, MD, MPH

James Wayne Warnica, MD, FRCP(C)


We thank Barbara P. Homeier, MD, Noelle Rotondo, DO, and Oren Traub, MD, PhD, for their editorial assistance.

* This is the Professional Version. *