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Other Tests: Normal Values

By Frank H. Wians, Jr., PhD, Professor and Clinical Chemist, Department of Pathology, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso

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Normal Laboratory Values: Other



Conventional Units

SI Units

Gastric acid secretion:

Basal, females

Gastric fluid

36.6–38.2 mEq HCl/h

36.6–38.2 mmol/h

Basal, males

Gastric fluid

3.8–4.2 mEq HCl/h

3.8–4.2 mmol/h

Peak, females

Gastric fluid

23.9–25.9 mEq HCl/h

23.9–25.9 mmol/h

Peak, males

Gastric fluid

1.9–2.3 mEq HCl/h

1.9–2.3 mmol/h


Ascitic fluid

< 200 U/L

< 3.33 μkat/L

Sperm concentration


20–150 x 106/mL

20–150 x 109/mL

μkat = microkatal.

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