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Introduction to Psoriasis and Scaling Diseases

By Peter C. Schalock, MD

Psoriasis (see page Psoriasis), parapsoriasis (see page Parapsoriasis), pityriasis rosea (see page Pityriasis Rosea), pityriasis rubra pilaris (see page Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris), pityriasis lichenoides (see page Pityriasis Lichenoides), lichen planus (see page Lichen Planus), and lichen sclerosus (see page Lichen Sclerosus) are dissimilar disorders grouped together because their primary lesions have similar morphologic characteristics: sharply marginated, scaling papules or plaques without exudates, crusts, or fissures. Lesion appearance and distribution distinguish these diseases from each other.

* This is the Professional Version. *