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Benign Laryngeal Tumors

by Clarence T. Sasaki, MD

Benign laryngeal tumors include juvenile papillomas hemangiomas, fibromas, chondromas, myxomas, and neurofibromas. They may appear in any part of the larynx. Symptoms include hoarseness, breathy voice, dyspnea, aspiration, dysphagia, pain, otalgia (pain referred to the ear), and hemoptysis. Diagnosis is based on direct or indirect visualization of the larynx, supplemented by CT. Removal restores the voice, the functional integrity of the laryngeal sphincter, and the airway. Smaller lesions may be excised endoscopically by using a CO 2 laser and general anesthesia. Larger lesions extending beyond the laryngeal framework often require pharyngotomy or laryngofissure.

Cancerous tumors are discussed in Tumors of the Head and Neck.

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