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Overview of Marine Bites and Stings

By Robert A. Barish, MD, MBA, Thomas Arnold, MD

(For fish poisonings [eg, scombroid, ciguatera, fugu] and paralytic shellfish poisoning, see page Fish Poisoning and Shellfish Poisoning.)

Some marine bites and stings are toxic (see page Cnidaria (Coelenterates , such as Jellyfish and Sea Anemones ) Stings, Mollusk Stings, Sea Urchin Stings, and Stingray Stings). All create wounds at risk of infection with marine organisms, most notably Vibrio sp, Aeromonas sp, and Mycobacterium marinum.

Shark bites result in jagged lacerations with near-total or total amputations and should be treated in the same way as other major trauma (see page Approach to the Trauma Patient : Evaluation and Treatment).

* This is the Professional Version. *