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  • Paget Disease of Bone
  • X-Ray of the Pelvis in Paget Disease

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    X-Ray of the Pelvis in Paget Disease

    Diffuse involvement of the left hemipelvis is manifested by areas of mixed sclerosis and lucency. There is also involvement of the right hemipelvis near the right sacroiliac joint. Paget disease also tends to enlarge affected bones, as seen in the greater size of the left hemipelvis compared with the right hemipelvis. There is thickening of the iliopectineal line with axial migration of the pelvis, giving the triangular appearance to the hemipelvis of protrusio acetabulum. There is remodeling of the femoral head and narrowing of the joint, which is indicative of secondary osteoarthritis.

    By permission of the publisher. From Maricic M, Ko M: Atlas of Rheumatology. Edited by G Hunder. Philadelphia, Current Medicine, 2005.