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Merck Manuals Mobile App will Equip Today’s Explorers—Announcement


In 1913, physician Albert Schweitzer traveled to Africa to establish a hospital, carrying the Merck Manual with him as his go-to medical resource. A few years later, Admiral Robert Byrd relied on the Manual as a trusted source of medical information on the first flight to the South Pole. This year, we are proud to release the free Merck Manuals professional and consumer apps—the next leap forward in helping explorers at home and abroad access critical medical information from a trusted source wherever their lives may take them.

The completely updated and redesigned Merck Manuals Professional App offers offline access to one of the world’s most comprehensive medical resources anytime, anywhere—including Africa and the South Pole. The app contains every one of the thousands of topics posted here on The Manual’s website, which are written and regularly updated by more than 350 medical experts. The app also contains all of our over 1000 photos and illustrations, and over 140 concise “How to Do” instructional videos on important procedures and examinations. All of this material will reside on your device, no data or Wi-Fi connection needed.

In addition, when an internet connection is available, the all-new version of the app provides online-only access to the other great features of our award-winning website, such as

  • Drug reference information
  • Quizzes on medical disorders, symptoms, and treatments
  • Interactive case simulations that test your diagnostic ability
  • Medical news covering the most current and important medical topics
  • Editorials written by The Manual’s editorial board and expert authors

The Merck Manuals Professional App greatly improves access to the credible medical information that practitioners, students and explorers have depended on for over 100 years. We are proud to offer the app completely free of charge, with no registration, ads or data collection. It’s designed to provide access to essential medical information—a universal right—with the fewest barriers possible. For Apple devices, get the app in the iTunes app store. For Android devices, go to Google Play.

There is also an updated Merck Manuals Consumer App, a free tool for families and individuals who need reliable medical information even when they don’t have internet access. Like the professional app, the consumer version contains the unabridged contents of the Merck Manual Consumer Version and is also completely free of advertising, registration, and data collection. Because it is authored by the same experts as the professional version, you can refer patients and their families to this app with full confidence that the information is reliable and current.

The launch of these apps is a crucial component of The Manuals’ Global Medical Knowledge 2020 mission – a worldwide initiative to make the best current medical information accessible to nearly 3 billion consumers and health care professionals by 2020. (Learn what our mission is all about.) As part of this initiative, versions of the app will be available in Spanish by the end of this year.

We’ve come a long way since Dr. Schweitzer and Admiral Byrd hauled paper copies of the Merck Manual on their groundbreaking expeditions. But with the launch of the Merck Manuals’ professional and consumer apps, our mission to provide reliable access to trusted medical information to explorers everywhere is living on.