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Pyogenic Granulomas


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Last full review/revision May 2020| Content last modified May 2020
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What are pyogenic granulomas?

Pyogenic granulomas are round, raised bumps on the skin.

  • They are blood-red or reddish-brown in color

  • Pyogenic granulomas can be fleshy, moist, or crusty

  • They are harmless but they often bleed when you bump or scrape them

  • They may go away on their own or the doctor may need to remove them

What causes pyogenic granulomas?

Pyogenic granulomas form when tiny blood vessels called capillaries grow larger than usual, and the tissue around them swells.

Pyogenic granulomas are most likely to appear:

  • After an injury to your skin

  • During pregnancy

During pregnancy, they sometimes form in your gums. When this happens they are nicknamed "pregnancy tumors."

What are the symptoms of pyogenic granulomas?

Pyogenic granulomas:

  • Grow quickly

  • Are raised above the skin

  • Don’t hurt

  • Bleed easily if bumped or scratched

How do doctors treat pyogenic granulomas?

  • Pyogenic granulomas sometimes go away without treatment

  • If they don’t go away, your doctor can take them off with surgery or by using an electric needle

They may grow back after being taken off.

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