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World Mental Health Day 10/10/2020

This World Mental Health Day, the Merck Manuals explores the power of music as a tool of expression and healing for people experiencing mental health challenges triggered or exacerbated by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Music is a powerful tool which has proven to have the ability to positively impact people’s mental health.

#KeepMusicInMind tells the stories of three musicians and how music provided an outlet for them during the pandemic, helping them to manage their mental health and inspire others to do the same during a uniquely difficult period for people around the world.

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Amy Gerhartz

Amy Gerhartz is a singer-songwriter, speaker, coach and self-love advocate. Her music is a powerful expression of how a journey towards positive mental health begins with caring for our own feelings and experiences.

Instagram: amygerhartz

YouTube: AmyGerhartz

Spotify: Amy Gerhartz



Samantics is a songwriter and spoken word poet who writes about and advocates for mental health awareness. His track 'Keep Music In Mind' - written especially for this campaign - tells the story of his mental health journey throughout the pandemic, and how he found music to be his most cherished form of support.

Facebook: samanticsuk

Instagram: samanticsuk

YouTube: Samantics


David Baquero

With his neighborhood isolated and disconnected during lockdown, amateur musician David began to raise the spirits of his neighbors by playing music from his balcony, bringing the area together in an unexpected celebration of community.

Instagram: pd.baquero

YouTube: David Baquero Oficial