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Merck Manuals Mobile App Provides 24/7 Access to Reliable Medical Info—Announcement

08/31/16 By
Merck Manuals

We live in a mobile world. Last year, more people accessed the internet via a mobile device than a desktop or laptop computer. We expect information at our fingertips the moment we need it, regardless of where we are or what device we’re using.

Yet when it comes to accessing medical information on the go, far too many barriers still exist. Many medical resources require you to go online whenever you need information. Others force users to register or sign up for a membership. Some charge a premium for in-depth medical information.

At the Merck Manuals, we believe medical knowledge is a universal right. Every person is entitled to accurate, accessible and usable medical information without these barriers. That’s why we’re now releasing the free Merck Manuals consumer and professional apps.

The Merck Manual Consumer App provides clear, practical explanations for thousands of medical disorders, giving consumers access to credible, easy to understand health information that’s been written, vetted and updated by more than 350 medical professionals. Whether traveling or in your own community, you and your families are guaranteed to find current medical information with this updated and upgraded app—even when you don’t have internet access.

We are proud to offer the app completely free of charge with no advertisements. We also do not ask you to register and do not use the app to collect any personal information.

With the app, your Apple or Android device will contain not only every one of the thousands of topics posted here on The Manual’s website but all of our 800+ photos and illustrations, along with as many of our almost 200 animations and videos as you choose to download. In addition, when an internet connection is available, the new app provides online-only access to the other great features of our award-winning website, such as

  • Interactive health quizzes
  • Drug and medicine information guide, including drug interactions and a pill identifier
  • Medical news and TV covering important health topics
  • Editorials written by The Manual’s editorial board and expert authors

For Apple devices, get the app in the iTunes app store. For Android devices, go to Google Play.

Along with the Merck Manual Consumer App, we’re also launching a professional version for medical practitioners and students. The launch of the mobile apps marks an important next step in the Merck Manuals’ Global Medical Knowledge 2020 mission. This worldwide effort seeks to make the best current medical information accessible to nearly 3 billion consumers and health care professionals by 2020. (Learn more about our mission.) In pursuit of this goal, versions of the app will be available in Spanish by the end of this year.

A shaky Wi-Fi signal or a lengthy registration form shouldn’t keep you from getting the crucial medical information you need to keep you and your family healthy. The Merck Manual Consumer App guarantees you’ll have reliable health knowledge the moment you need it—a trusted resource for a mobile world.