Endotracheal tube size for children (Age 1 to 8 years)


Uncuffed endotracheal tube size   mm (ID)
Cuffed endotracheal tube size   mm (ID)

  • Select an uncuffed tube with an internal diameter of 3.5 mm for infants up to 1 year of age.
  • A cuffed ETT with an internal diameter of 3.0 mm may be used for infants more than 3.5 kg. and <1 year.
  • ID stands for internal diameter. For patients 2 years and older, the age parameter is rounded to provide an endotracheal tube size that is likely to pass through the vocal cords and have a tight enough seal for ventilation (uncuffed endotracheal tube) or to allow for ventilation after cuff inflation (cuffed endotracheal tube).
  • The cuffed tube equation is appropriate for low profile, thin walled cuffed endotracheal tubes.
  • As opposed to the cuffed endotracheal tube calculator above which applies to thin-walled low pressure cuffed endotracheal tubes, when using a regular cuffed endotracheal tube, select a tube one FULL size smaller than that determined by the uncuffed endotracheal tube formula.
  • Additional tubes one half size larger and one half size smaller than calculated should also be available during endotracheal intubation attempts regardless of whether an uncuffed or cuffed endotracheal tube is used.

Equations used
Uncuffed endotracheal tube size = Uncuffed endotracheal tube size
Cuffed endotracheal tube size = Cuffed endotracheal tube size
Uncuffed endotracheal tube size = 4 + (Age / 4)
Cuffed endotracheal tube size = 3.5 + (Age / 4)


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