PFT Adjusted Predicted Values for Men MultiCalc

Race Caucasian (1)

Black (0.87)

Asian (0.93)

FEV1 FVC Ratio  
Decimal Precision  
  • Reviews of predictive formulae show the standard predictive formula produce values slightly below what is observed in healthy men.
  • The 1.08 and 1.1 factors help adjust the discrepency. See the articles below for more information.
  • The residual standard deviation (RSD) for FEV1 is 0.51 litres. For FVC, the RSD is 0.61 litres and for the ratio, the RSD is 7.17% These RSD's are based on the data from the original unadjusted formulae.

Equations used
FEV1 = Race * 1.08 * ((0.043 * Height) - (0.029 * Age) - 2.49 )
FVC = Race * 1.1 * ((0.0576 * Height) - (0.0269 * Age) - 4.34 )
FEV1FVCRatio = 87.2 - (0.18 * Age)

Calculation Details and Variables
  • Equation parameters such as Race, have two or more discrete values that may be used in the calculation. The numbers in the parentheses, e.g. (1), represent the values that will be used.

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