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Skin Tags


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Last full review/revision May 2020| Content last modified May 2020
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What are skin tags?

Skin tags are soft, small growths on your skin. They're usually the same color as your skin or slightly darker.

Skin tags are usually:

  • On your neck

  • In your armpits

  • In your groin area (the area between your belly and upper legs)

Do skin tags cause problems?

Most of the time, skin tags don't cause problems. But you may not like the way they look. Sometimes clothing or skin can rub against skin tags, making them bleed or hurt.

How do doctors treat skin tags?

Usually, skin tags don't need treatment. If you want a skin tag removed, doctors can easily do so by:

  • Freezing it off with liquid nitrogen

  • Cutting it off

  • Burning it with an electric needle

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