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Introduction to Abnormalities and Complications of Labor and Delivery


Julie S. Moldenhauer

, MD, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Last full review/revision Jul 2021| Content last modified Jul 2021
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Abnormalities and complications of labor and delivery should be diagnosed and managed as early as possible.

Most of the following complications are evident before onset of labor:

Some of the following complications develop or become evident during labor or delivery:

Some complications may require alternatives to spontaneous labor and vaginal delivery. Alternatives include

The neonatal care team should be informed when alternative delivery methods are to be used so they can be ready to treat any neonatal complications.

Some complications (eg, postpartum hemorrhage, inverted uterus) occur immediately after delivery of the fetus and around the time the placenta is delivered.

Some placental abnormalities, such as placenta accreta, may be discovered during pregnancy or only after delivery.

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