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Joel A. Baum, MD

Specialities and Expertise

  • Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine



  • Medical School: Wayne State University School of Medicine
  • Residency: Internal medicine, Sinai-Grace Hospitals, Wayne State University
  • Fellowship: Gastroenterology, Case Western Reserve University - University Hospitals


  • American Board of Internal Medicine
  • American Board of Internal Medicine – Gastroenterology

Select Awards, Achievements and Publications

  • Bansal R, Tomaino C, Baum JA: Gastric Kaposi’s sarcoma. Am J Med Sci 354:70, 2017
  • Bansal R, Singh B, Tiba M, Baum JA, Rajnish I: A case of worsening jaundice in a critically ill patient. Acta Gastro-Enterol Belgica 80:439-440, 2017
  • Gaurav S, Rajiv A, Baum J, Gumaste V: ASGE guidelines result in cost-saving in the management of choledocholithiasis. Ann Gastroenterol 29:85-90, 2016
  • Walfish AE, Baum JA: Factors predicting early discharge and mortality in post-percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy patients. Ann Gastroenterol 27:42-47, 2014
  • Gumaste V, Baum J: Treatment of gastroparesis: An update. Digestion 78:173-179, 2009
  • Trivedi V, Gumaste V, Baum J, Liu S: Gallbladder cancer: Adenoma-carcinoma or dysplasia-carcinoma sequence? Gastroenterol Hepatol 4:735-737, 2008