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The Merck Manual 20th Edition is one of the world's most trusted medical references. First published in 1899, the 20th Edition (2018) is more comprehensive than ever before with 36 new chapters, more than 200 new tables,and over 100 new figures and photos.

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The Merck Veterinary Manual, Eleventh Edition is a comprehensive, reliable source of information on all aspects of animal healthcare. The 11th Edition has been completely updated with the latest information on veterinary medicine, with many new, expanded, and revised sections.

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The Merck Manual Go-To Home Guide For Symptoms brings the trusted health information used by doctors around the world into your home. It takes complex medical information and makes it easy to understand and accessible to an everyday audience. It covers a wide range of everyday symptoms, from abdominal pain to wheezing, and almost everything in between.

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The Merck Manual — Home Health Handbook contains virtually all the information in the physicians’ version of The Merck Manual but is written in easy-to-understand, everyday language. With contributions from nearly 300 leading medical experts, this newly released home medical reference provides in-depth information on symptoms, diagnoses, and much more.

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The Merck / Merial Manual for Pet Health covers the full spectrum of today’s pets — from dogs, cats and horses to birds, reptiles, fish and other exotic pets. No other book provides as much health information on as many types of animals.

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The Merck Manual of Patient Symptoms is a compact, handy reference guide that enables health care practitioners to evaluate patients accurately and begin treatment to relieve their symptoms.

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