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Medical Mythbusters

The Merck Manual Medical Myths pit myths against medical degrees. Should you put butter on a burn? Drink coffee to sober up? Feed a cold and starve a fever?

On this podcast, physicians from around the country set the record straight and help you make more informed decisions about your health.





Episode 1: Arthritis Myths with Dr. Brian Mandell (26 minutes)

Cracking your joints can often bring a feeling of relief or satisfaction, but are you doing damage to your joints? And while the term arthritis is typically used as a catch-all for joint issues, rheumatoid arthritis and osteo arthritis are not interchangeable, and in fact, they’re quite different. Dr. Brian Mandell explains these differences as well as addressing the many myths that surround joint pain and stiffness.




 Episode 2: Vertigo Myths with Dr. David Kaylie (25 minutes)

You’ve heard of “Vertigo” the movie, and it’s likely that everyone has experienced the sensation before. But do you know what it is and why we feel it? Dr. David Kaylie discusses the differences in dizziness and vertigo, hearing loss and treatments that can help and the myths associated with Vertigo.





Episode 3: Hypertension Myths with Dr. George Bakris (22 minutes)

High blood pressure can often be associated with aging or with being a hot head, but there are a number of other causes of high blood pressure that should not be overlooked. Dr. George Bakris joins us to share some insights and breaks down the biggest myths around high blood pressure, cholesterol and hypertension.




Episode 4: Gastrointestinal Myths with Dr. Jonathan Gotfried (26 minutes)

Stomachs can be very sensitive. Factors such as what you eat and how fast you eat can cause issues from indigestion to ulcers and more. Dr. Jonathan Gotfried joins us to share his insights and help us digest some of the biggest myths around gastrointestinal problems, while also sharing tips for how to keep a healthy gut.




Episode 5: Vision Myths: Dr. Sunir Garg (30 minutes)

Eyesight is extremely valuable, and we are constantly being told what is bad and what is good for our eyes. Well, how many of those myths are true? Dr. Sunir Garg, retina physician and surgeon, debunks those myths with us and provides us with some much-needed clarity on the subject.




Episode 6: COVID-19 and its Effects on Kids: Dr. Catherine Soprano (25 minutes)

The entire world is grappling with how to deal with COVID-19, from what precautions we should take to how it affects each of us differently. But children are different. From the way COVID-19 affects childrens' bodies to how parents should approach the virus in kids, there are a lot of myths out there. On this episode, we talk to Dr. Catherine Soprano, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, about what parents should think about when it comes to Coronavirus and their children.



Episode 7: Dental Myths with Dr. Murchison (27 Minutes)

From questions about how to get the whitest teeth to what the proper brushing and flossing techniques are, there are a number of questions out there surrounding dental care. Is flossing good or unnecessary? Does charcoal toothpaste clean your teeth or do the opposite? Is it really necessary to remove our wisdom teeth? And why do they call them that anyway? On this episode, we welcome Dr. David F. Murchison, a practicing dentist for more than 40 years and a professor at the Texas A&M College of Dentistry. He'll explain to us some of the best ways to care for our teeth and gums and debunk some common myths about dentistry.



Episode 8: Hangovers with Dr. O’Malley (22 Minutes)

Spending a fun night out has no regrets until it's met with that dreaded familiar feeling the next morning. Can coffee cure hangovers? What about the old “hair of the dog” trick? Is the saying “beer before liquor never been sicker” really true? Dr. Rika O’Malley, physician at Albert Einstein Medical Center joins us to debunk some of these myths and tells us how to deal with (or prevent) a hangover after drinking alcohol. 










Episode 1: Bites and Stings Links with Dr. Gerald O'Malley (23 min)



Episode 2: Debunking Pregnancy Myths with Dr. Lara Friel (24 min)



Episode 3: The Truth About Diet Myths with Dr. Adrienne Youdim (23 min)



Episode 4: Aging Myths with Dr Michael R. Wasserman (22 min)



Episode 5: Hearing Loss Myths episode with Dr. Dr. Lawrence R. Lustig (23 min)



Episode 6: Travel Health Myths with Dr. Christopher Sanford (29 min)