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Denise Millstine

, MD, Mayo Clinic

Reviewed/Revised Dec 2023

For biofeedback, a type of mind-body medicine Mind-Body Medicine Five categories of complementary or alternative medicine are generally recognized: Whole medical systems Mind-body medicine Biologically based practices not usually used in conventional medicine... read more , electronic devices are used to provide information to patients about biologic functions (eg, heart rate, blood pressure, muscle activity, skin temperature, skin resistance, brain surface electrical activity) and to teach patients to control these functions through mental exercises.

Uses for Biofeedback

With the help of a therapist or with training, patients can then use information from biofeedback to modify the function or to relax, thereby lessening the effects of conditions such as pain, stress, anxiety (1 References For biofeedback, a type of mind-body medicine, electronic devices are used to provide information to patients about biologic functions (eg, heart rate, blood pressure, muscle activity, skin... read more ), insomnia, and headaches. There are many different types of biofeedback, including neurofeedback, which specifically monitors brain activity with electroencephalography and provides a response.


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