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Global Medical Knowledge - Pass it On!

Global Medical Knowledge

Content last modified Feb 2024

In 2015, The Manuals embarked on an ambitious journey: Make the best current medical information accessible to 3 billion professionals and patients on every continent. Today, we’re building on our success and continuing our commitment to medical knowledge. 

Our mission is simple: We believe that health information is a universal right, and that everyone should have access to reliable and accurate medical information. We have a responsibility to protect, preserve and share the best current medical information to enable more informed decisions, enhance relationships between patients and professionals and improve health care outcomes around the world. 

Medical knowledge is power. Pass it on.






Learn more about the impact of our mission:

3 Billion People in 241 countries have access to the Manuals content.

350 medical experts continually update The Manuals' content to reflect the most current and accurate medical information.

 have their own version of The Manuals for enhanced access and ease of use.
10,000+ Resources enhance our expansive database of medical topics with videos, images, animations, medical calculators and a growing set of other resources like mobile apps and our Medical Myths Podcast.

150k Relationships with professionals and patients around the world on social media and other platforms facilitate meaningful dialogues on the most important medical topics.

0 ads or registration improves the user experience of this not-for-profit initiative, as a sign of our commitment to providing free and open access to medical information.
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Global Medical Knowledge Awareness Day

Global Medical Knowledge Awareness Day takes place annually on October 15th and calls for all healthcare professionals, medical students, and consumers to celebrate and promote the power of actionable health information. We began celebrating this day annually after achieving our goal of making Merck Manual accessible to 3 billion professionals and patients on every continent in October of 2020. Here’s how you can get involved:








• Get Smart About Your Health: Take your health knowledge to the next level by learning about the connection between better medical knowledge and better health outcomes. Commit to reading one health article a week and engaging in lifelong learning around medical knowledge.



• Make Sure Your Health Sources are Credible: Learn what sets good health information apart and how to vet online medical sources. Bookmark sites like The Merck Manuals and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Talk to your healthcare provider about how to stay informed about your own health.



• Keep Sharing Accurate and Current Medical Knowledge: Showcase your commitment by adding the Global Medical Knowledge badge to your social profiles and talking to family and friends about the importance of accurate medical knowledge.


With these steps, individuals are encouraged to take specific actions, including adding a Global Medical Knowledge Badge to their social profiles, bookmarking and having conversations with friends and family members about the importance of current, reliable medical information.  

Be sure to follow us on your favorite social channels for resources and social media content or search #GMKAwarenessDay